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Welcome to the Drive Centre of Driver’s Digest SA, your premier destination for exploring the world of vehicles in South Africa. Here, we bring you closer to the top brands and the latest models that grace our roads, waters, and skies. From the elegance of Ferrari to the rugged charm of Land Rover, and the cutting-edge technology of Kia, we cover a diverse range of vehicles. Our focus is not just on cars but extends to bikes, boats, and planes, ensuring a comprehensive view of all things driven.

Dive into our specialized sections to discover detailed insights, reviews, and the latest news about each type of vehicle. Whether you’re a car enthusiast, a bike aficionado, a boating lover, or an aviation fan, we have something exciting for you.


Explore the world of cars with Driver’s Digest SA. Our car section provides in-depth reviews, news, and features about the latest models from top brands like Ferrari, McLaren, and more, tailored specifically to the South African market.

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From city commuters to high-speed racers, our bike section covers a wide range of two-wheeled machines. Get insights into the newest models, detailed reviews, and the latest biking trends in South Africa.

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Whether it’s for leisure or sport, our boat section sails you through the latest in marine vehicles. Learn about the newest yachts, speedboats, and everything in between, suited for the South African waters.

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Soar high with our plane section, where we cover everything from private jets to commercial airliners. Discover the latest in aviation technology and trends within the South African airspace.

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