2024 Supercars Series Introduces Exciting Knockout Qualifying Format

2024 Supercars Series Introduces Exciting Knockout Qualifying Format

In a thrilling update to the Supercars championship, the 2024 season will witness the debut of the knockout qualifying format at the Boost Mobile Qualifying events. This fresh approach, which will be first seen in action at the Perth and Tasmania sprint events, aims to add an extra layer of excitement and strategy to the race weekend.

The three-part qualifying sessions, each lasting just 10 minutes, are designed to intensify competition and enhance the spectator experience, ensuring every second on the track counts.

New Qualifying Format Unveiled

Starting with the Bosch Power Tools Perth SuperSprint, set for May 17-19, the new knockout qualifying system is designed to optimize the competition under the unique conditions of short lap times, which often amplify the impact of traffic. This format will also be employed at the NED Whisky Tasmania SuperSprint in August, ensuring that drivers are pushed to their limits in their quest for pole position.

2024 Supercars Series Introduces Exciting Knockout Qualifying Format

Three Stages of Intense Racing

Stage One: Q1

The initial stage, Q1, will see all 24 drivers battling against the clock within a tight 10-minute window. The goal is straightforward: post a lap time good enough to be in the top 20 and advance to the next round, Q2. Drivers who fail to make the cut after Q1 will secure their starting positions at the back of the grid.

Stage Two: Q2

After a brief intermission, the top 20 drivers from Q1 will again race against time in another 10-minute session during Q2. The stakes rise as only the top 10 fastest drivers from this round will advance to the final stage, Q3, with the rest setting their grid positions for Rows 6 through 10.

Stage Three: Q3

The climax of the qualifying, Q3, is where the intensity peaks. The fastest 10 drivers from Q2 vie for the prestigious Boost Mobile Pole Position. This final 10-minute session determines who will claim the top five rows of the starting grid, adding a dramatic flair to the buildup of the race day.

Strategic Adjustments to Race Weekend

In response to feedback and the evolving dynamics of race weekends, Supercars has introduced shorter practice sessions on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. These sessions are strategically placed to give teams a crucial window to fine-tune their vehicles ahead of the qualifiers and races. This adjustment not only maximizes track time but also enhances fan engagement by ensuring action-packed mornings and afternoons.

News Source: Supercars Newsletter

2024 Supercars Series Introduces Exciting Knockout Qualifying Format

Looking Ahead

As the 2024 season progresses, these changes in the qualifying format are expected to not only test the mettle of the drivers but also to keep the fans on the edge of their seats. With tickets already on sale and international streaming available through Superview, fans worldwide won’t miss a moment of the high-octane action.

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