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MotoGP Michelin GP de France 2024: It’s Race Day!

Prepare for the thrill of high-speed motorcycle racing as the MotoGP Michelin GP de France 2024 takes over the iconic Le Mans circuit. This pivotal event in the racing calendar will showcase the prowess and skill of the world’s leading riders across multiple classes—MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3, and MotoE. Each race brings its own intense competition and drama, offering fans a full day of edge-of-your-seat action.

With valuable championship points on the line, the atmosphere is electric, promising unforgettable races on one of motorsport’s most historic tracks.

What You Missed: MotoE Live Races 1 and 2

Michelin GP de France 2024: MotoE Race 1 Highlights:

  • Nicholas Spinelli’s Dominant Victory: Tech3 E-Racing’s Nicholas Spinelli put on an impressive display, clinching the win by a significant margin of over one second. This marked his third win in four races, solidifying his position as a top contender this season.
  • Remarkable Comeback: Kevin Zannoni of Openbank Aspar Team surged from 10th on the grid to finish in second place, demonstrating remarkable skill and determination.
  • Podium Finish: Mattia Casadei of LCR E-Team rounded out the top three, after engaging in intense on-track battles that had the crowd on their feet.
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Michelin GP de France 2024: MotoE Race 2 Highlights:

  • Spinelli’s Double Win: Continuing his strong performance, Spinelli also took the victory in Race 2 after a thrilling battle, especially in the last sector against Casadei and Gutierrez.
  • Casadei’s Strong Challenge: Mattia Casadei pushed Spinelli to the limit, almost snatching the victory but ultimately securing a strong second place.
  • Podium for Gutierrez: Oscar Gutierrez of Axxis-MSI capped off a memorable weekend by securing a podium in his first visit to Le Mans, showing great pace and race craft.
MotoGP Michelin GP de France 2024

Both races were filled with drama and excitement, from breathtaking overtakes to unfortunate crashes. Hector Garzo, despite starting from pole in both races, had challenging outings with crashes impacting his results. The MotoE races provided electrifying action and showcased the growing competitiveness in the electric class of motorcycle racing.

For continued coverage and more details on upcoming races, make sure to follow the season’s progress with our MotoE category.

Upcoming Action for MotoGP, Moto2, and Moto3

As the MotoGP Michelin GP de France 2024 continues at the historic Le Mans circuit, get ready for a day filled with intense racing across all classes. From the nimble Moto3™ machines tackling 20 laps to the high-powered MotoGP™ motorcycles racing for 27 laps, each category offers a unique thrill and challenge.

Fans can look forward to back-to-back races starting with Moto3™, followed by the Moto2™, and culminating in the premier MotoGP™ event. Here’s what to expect and when to watch the races, ensuring you don’t miss any of the action from this prestigious motorcycle racing event.

Here are the times for France and South Africa:

Moto3™ Race

  • Distance: 20 Laps
  • Time: 11:00

Moto2™ Race

  • Distance: 22 Laps
  • Time: 12:15

MotoGP™ Race

  • Distance: 27 Laps
  • Main Race Time: 14:00
  • After the Flag (post-race analysis): 15:10 to 15:45
  • Race Press Conference: 15:45
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How to Watch the MotoGP Michelin GP de France 2024 in South Africa

For fans in South Africa, DStv Supersport channel 215 is your go-to destination this Mother’s Day weekend for all the MotoGP action. The channel is covering the MotoGP Michelin GP de France 2024 alongside other exciting races like Formula E Round 10 and NASCAR. Make sure to check the schedule on DStv to catch every moment live.

Additionally, for highlights and further updates, the MotoGP mobile app, the official MotoGP website, and the MotoGP YouTube Channel are excellent resources. These platforms provide not just race highlights but also in-depth news and analysis, ensuring that fans can stay fully up to date with all the developments from Le Mans.

MotoGP Michelin GP de France 2024 2

Don’t Miss the MotoGP action today!

As the races heat up at Le Mans, make sure you’re tuned in to witness every thrilling moment of the MotoGP Michelin GP de France 2024. From the high-speed challenges of MotoGP™ to the strategic battles in Moto2™ and Moto3™, today’s lineup promises non-stop excitement.

Remember, whether you’re watching live on DStv Supersport channel 215 or catching up with highlights on the MotoGP platforms, the MotoGP Michelin GP de France 2024 is a must-watch event for every racing enthusiast.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the high-octane action that only MotoGP Michelin GP de France 2024 can deliver!