welcome to drive digest

Welcome to Driver Digest

Welcome to Driver Digest, the latest initiative from Celenic Earth Publications, steered by CEO Shaun M Jooste. As a sister site to our renowned publishing company, Driver Digest is set to be your ultimate guide and companion in the world of vehicles and racing, both in South Africa and on a global scale.

Our passion for all things automotive is the driving force behind Driver Digest. We are committed to delivering the most engaging and comprehensive content for car, bike, boat, and plane enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned motor expert, a racing aficionado, or simply curious about the evolving dynamics of the automotive world, we’ve got something special for you.

Our Core Areas:

  • Drive Centre: Discover the latest models and top brands in South Africa. We cover everything from luxurious cars to practical bikes, sleek boats, and majestic planes, providing insights and updates for all vehicle enthusiasts.
  • Race Centre: Experience the excitement of motor racing with our extensive coverage. From the high-octane thrills of Formula 1 and MotoGP to local racing events, we bring the excitement of the track directly to you.
  • Entertainment Centre: Dive into the intersection of vehicles and popular culture. Explore how cars, bikes, boats, and planes are represented in video games, movies, and TV shows, and how these representations mirror real-life.
  • News Centre: Keep up-to-date with the latest in racing, vehicle games, automotive hobbies, and more. Our News Centre is your source for the latest developments in the automotive world, both in South Africa and internationally.

Under the leadership of Shaun M Jooste, Driver Digest extends the innovative spirit of Celenic Earth Publications into automotive journalism. We are dedicated to providing high-quality, engaging content, tailored to the interests and passions of our readers.

Racing Centre

Exciting Collaborations and Future Plans:

We have established connections with renowned brands and dealerships across South Africa. In future editions, we will bring you exclusive sales news, articles from these brands, and insightful content about their offerings. Our team is gearing up to test drive various vehicles and bikes, providing you with hands-on reviews, detailed specifications, and our personal experiences. These collaborations will enable us to deliver first-hand information and expert opinions on a wide range of vehicles.

Join us at Driver Digest as we embark on this thrilling journey through the automotive world. From in-depth reviews and breaking news to detailed features and exhilarating race coverage, we are here to ignite and satisfy your passion for all things driven.